Why Dessant?

Our dispatchers will perform the following services:
Finding The Load:
• Find the best loads on the boards, not only Central but freight boards, to make sure that the valuable space on your truck is not wasted
• Work within your standards to book the loads that are profitable for you be it full loads or partials
• Book the load and check with the broker if they are ok with an after hour drop, which is crucial to make sure that you get paid
• Inform brokers, customers, insurance, and anyone who needs to have this information of the pick-up and delivery, and/or delays [?]
Pick Up:
A designated dispatcher will check with the origin:
  • That the load is ready [?]
  • The actual location of the vehicle [?]
  • Their pick up hours and setting up an appointment if such is required [?]

  • A designated dispatcher will check with the destination:
    • What's their best drop off address
    • Their best drop off hours and scheduling an appointment if such is required
  • To make sure that your company is in good standing with the broker and the client upon each delivery the dispatcher will:
    • Send a positive rating to the broker (this can be altered later in the case of issues)
    • Send an email asking for a rating
What's in it for the driver?
Our dispatchers will
  • Fill out new contracts with the brokers, all you would need to do is sign and send it back in
  • Obtain COIs from your insurance agent as needed and send them out to the brokers
  • Keep a detailed record of the ordered loads including
    • Pick-up and delivery details
    • Load details
    • Broker details
    • Payment terms
    • Price
  • Send you an email with all the instructions and special details which have been set forward in the contract.
  • Attach all the paperwork to the dispatch email for ease of access and ease of printing
  • Fax the needed paperwork when the driver is near a fax machine if he doesn't have the printer in his truck
  • Inform the driver of the load's readiness and of any special details
So, why choose Dessant?
• Our dispatchers are always polite as they are the face of your company, their #1 job is to help you be compliant with the brokers and not breach the contract or be fined
• Once the digital image of the BOL is received, we will create an invoice for your company and send it to the broker on the same day to expedite the pay and send it to the broker within 24 hours to expedite the pay
• We will help you get a hold of the client, through broker, if the client is unreachable
• All our calls are recorded to help eliminate the misunderstandings and the "finger pointing"
• Record names who gave permission to do anything/something that is not in the dispatch/contract
• Reach out to brokers to change the dispatch in order to show some required verbal change of plans (such as "after hour drop ok" "no signature required" etc)
· Weekly gross income report with estimated mileage (or precise if such is provided by the driver) to help you see the "true" income and income per mile

As long as the driver updates us
Keys ready? Payment made? Accumulated storages?
At the yard? At a sublot?
Their business hours are not always their pick up hours